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Message from the President / CEO


JSM has been sincerely working with a wide range of business partners while changing our business structure in response to market changes and the needs of the times.

While the world situation and business environment change drastically, such as the global expansion of COVID-19 and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, global risks increase, our employees do not lose direction, their goals, value in business. And we would like to raise our value even higher.

We would like to create new value by flexibly evolving our business model while adhering to the basic philosophy of JSM, and using our network that responds to turbulent times, high information power to the market, and knowledge as our strength.

We sincerely ask for your continued support and encouragement.

President / CEO
Sadao Taguma


Since its foundation in 1995, JSM has consistently specialized in the markets of Middle East and Africa, exercising its expertise to achieve high added value as a trading company. its business strategy is based on the following five principles and beliefs:


From the very start, JSM was established by a group of associates. We have set out to create “airy” work environment, where every employee respects each other and can make his/her voice heard at any time.


Good human resources make a good trading company. We believe that it is important to foster and develop good human resources through business.


Niche markets give us business opportunities. We think that profits will come from straight-out niche market strategies.


We always deal with top-brand products and leading manufacturers.


We will devote all our energy to make a profit as we firmly believe that a company can contribute to society only by making a profit.